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Woodland Expansion


Trees have been a mainstay of the Lowther Estate since its very beginning.

In recent years the estate has embarked on an extensive planting regime and Lowther is now one of the largest woodland holdings in Cumbria, if not the UK. We are currently undertaking a significant level of management, restoration, and enhancement across the woodlands, with a particular focus on ancient woodland protection and restoration.

Woodland Pasture


Much of the planting across the estate has been done with the creation of woodland pasture in mind. Livestock graze among the trees, creating new habitats for various birds, bats, insects and pollinators. The trees help the soil to rejuvenate by depositing more organic matter in the form of leaves, fostering a stronger, more resilient environment.

On Crosby Common, over the past couple of years, 300,000 trees have been planted.