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Upland Commons


Much of the upland Estate is designated as common land. Multiple farmers enjoy ancient rights to graze and in order to effect change, consensus – which can take a while to achieve – is required. Thanks to new government funding schemes, we are working productively with our tenants, neighbours and common graziers to secure a shift towards nature-friendly farming.

On Crosby Ravensworth Common for example, as part of an ambitious new Countryside Stewardship Scheme, while 300,000 trees have been planted, overall grazing levels have been reduced and a secure 10-year income stream for its common graziers has been achieved.

Peatland Management


Among its many regrettable post-war farming policies, the government incentivised the drainage of peatland. The effects of this have been catastrophic. Drained peatlands emit vast amounts of CO2, increase flood risk for people downstream, reduce water quality and mean that highly specialised wetland plants and animals find themselves homeless.

In Wasdale, between Shap and Kendal, we have successfully restored a large area of peatland by blocking up artificial drainage channels and turning a previously straightened beck onto a curvy new course. On the higher, drier ground surrounding this wonderful new wetland, trees and scrub are returning, which will be lightly grazed by hardy cattle.