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South Lawns
19th April-6th May 2024

Following the runaway success of Ten Thousand Daffodils last year, Lowther Castle & Gardens is delighted to announce that it will host a follow-up charity fund-raising event in the gardens at Lowther Castle later in the spring. The event will be hosted by Lowther Castle & Gardens Trust under the chairmanship of Bryan Gray CBE and will benefit three charities: James’ Place, Restore and the Lowther Church Restoration Fund.

The installation OR – so called because the Lowther crest is based round the colour gold – has been put together by County Durham based artist Steve Messam. It was he who created PaperBridge in Grizedale (a functioning packhorse bridge made from 22,000 sheets of red ‘poppy’ paper) and more recently Hush which filled a lead-mining scar in the North Pennines with over five kilometres of fabric.

OR will comprise over 500 textile flags dyed golden yellow. Each flag will measure up to 2.5m long and 1.5m high and will fly from simple aluminium poles at a height of between 3m and 5m. The variation in height will add to the visual mass, while a subtle variation in colour in the flags will create texture. Overall, the display will measure around 320m x 45m, creating an installation of a scale rarely seen – over 5 times the size of the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London.

Entry free with admission.