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In the late summer of 2020, a small flurry of excitement took place at an undisclosed site on the river Lowther. For Glenn – a Eurasian beaver rescued from Tayside in Scotland – and Dragonfly, a similar rescue case – were both released into an enclosure on the estate.

These fantastic creatures are a vital part of the Lowther estate plans. The dams they build and the changes these make to the water network enable new habitats for birds, invertebrates, fish and amphibians.

Glenn and Dragonfly, the happy pair, have already made a startling impact on their enclosure. They have constructed nearly 6 dams. (This is primarily to push water to new areas within the woodland so they can access trees.) They have also dug canals into the improved grassland next to the woodland. All this is extremely exciting as it is the first trial in the UK where beavers can interact with an improved grassland landscape.

We hope to see many more amazing developments with the beavers, you can keep up to date with their progress via….. Cumbria Beaver Group and Lowther Castle on Twitter.